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Shopping for insurance can easily become confusing and overwhelming, there are many different types of policies to choose from and it can be difficult to compare apples to apples. But buying health insurance doesn't have to be difficult. American Health Insurance can quickly connect you with the most comprehensive and affordable plans available in your area.

Agents are standing by to answer your questions and make sure you understand all the options available to you. Call today to compare policies and choose a healthcare plan that meets your needs. We work with top insurance carriers so that we can connect you with the right amount of coverage at the right price.

The Easy Way to Shop for Health Insurance

The Easy Way to Shop for
Health Insurance

Stop researching insurance policies online

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Stop researching insurance policies online. We'll help you easily find a plan that fits your needs and your budget.

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Determine Needs

Based on your age and current state of health, we can help you determine exactly how much coverage you need.

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Understand Costs

Comparing healthcare costs can be confusing. We make it simple so you won't get stuck with unexpected bills.

Compare Health Insurance Plans

Compare Plans

We work with local insurance agents to help you compare options and be sure you're making an informed decision.

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Top 10 Health Insurance Plans

Top 10 Health Insurance Plans

Regardless of your age or health status, insurance is a necessity in the life of most Americans. Unexpected health incidents can crop up at any time. Having health insurance means you can be proactive and receive annual preventative wellness checks to make sure you remain in good health. It also means that if you have a serious emergency and need to go to the hospital, you will save thousands in out of pocket expenses. With the abundance of insurance options, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by your choices. It's important to make sure you have all the information you need to choose the right plan. American Health Insurance makes it easy to find an affordable plan that meets all your needs. Call today, agents are standing by to help you compare options and get a free quote.

How To Compare Plans

American Health Insurance connects people to the best Health Insurance plans available at the best prices. We help people searching for health insurance identify their coverage needs as well as their budget and compare top carriers to find the right policy for them. When it comes to health insurance, coverage can vary significantly from one plan to the next. Services covered can vary and how you share costs with your insurer can vary as well. Comparing plans and deciding on a policy can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. Agents are standing by to answer your questions and quickly provide you a quote. Call today to make sure you don't overpay for the comprehensive coverage you need.

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Choose a Health Insurance Policy That Fits Your Needs

Choose a Health Insurance Policy
That Fits Your Needs

When comparing health insurance plans, you will need to strike the perfect balance between the amount of coverage you receive and what you can afford to spend. While it is helpful to purchase a plan that would cover any unforeseen issues, sometimes that is not always financially feasible. However, if you know that you have specific health concerns, choosing a plan that covers the specialists you need to see will save you money in the long run.

HMO vs PPO Policies

Often customers have questions regarding the difference between HMO and PPO plans. The short answer is simple: one plan has broader coverage and more flexibility regarding the doctors you will be able to see while the other has stricter coverage restrictions.

HMO is short for Health Maintenance Organization. This type of plan will only cover visits to doctors that are in network. The benefit of this kind of plan is that they are generally less expensive than a PPO plan. This means that you will pay lower monthly premiums and still receive the care and coverage you need. The downside to an HMO plan, however, is that you are restricted to doctors that are in network with the plan you select. If you are referred to a doctor that is out-of-network, you'll either need to pay out of pocket, or find a different provider.

A Preferred Provider Organization plan, also known as a PPO, provides patients with more flexibility to see a larger number of doctors both in-network and out-of-network. This type of coverage is helpful if you have an unplanned health event. The downside of PPO plans is that you will pay higher monthly premiums.

Health Insurance
Plans for Individuals

When deciding on a health insurance policy, plans will vary in the services they cover and how you pay for those services. Individual health insurance policies will require you to pay a monthly premium. You may also be required to pay a fee called a copayment or coinsurance at the time when you receive medical care. Typically, the more you pay monthly, the lower your payments at the time of service, and vice versa.

Having health insurance gives you peace of mind in knowing that next time you are sick you won't be charged an excessive amount of money. Above all, having health insurance allows you to maintain good health and wellness by receiving preventative care. Not having health insurance puts people at greater risk for life-threatening issues.

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Find Coverage for Your Whole Family

If you're looking for coverage for your family, American Health Insurance will connect you with top insurance providers who can help you compare options to suit the needs of everyone in your household.

As you shop for a plan for your family, you will want a plan that provides the options to see a variety of different doctors and specialists. If you have, or plan to have, children you will want to make sure that you have a plan that covers every aspect of pregnancy as well as pediatric care. As you grow older your health insurance needs tend to increase. If you are struggling with health issues now that could potentially get worse in the coming years, you want to double-check and see what specialists are covered by your plan.

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