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Health Premiums

Are you finding that your health premiums are higher or lower through the health exchange?

Health Exchanges Open

Health exchanges are open for enrollment as of October 1, 2013.

Health Benefit Exchange | Individual Health Insurance Benefits

The new health insurance exchanges will bring options to individual health insurance benefits for those people who need to find affordable plans for themselves or their family.  Unfortunately, Obamacare is not reducing policy costs as people have expected.  Instead businesses and individuals are seeing an increase in their monthly premiums.

Offsetting these health insurance costs will either come by increasing your deductible, choosing a reduced benefit policy or attempting to find a cheaper policy through one of the health insurance exchanges offered through the states or government exchange.

Reducing Health Insurance Premiums

Many policyholders are already virtually maxed-out with their deductibles.  A $5,000 or $7,500 deductible is a really high price to pay should you need healthcare.   The average family doesn't have that type of money saved even for a "rainy day" fund let alone for health costs.

People are looking ahead and hoping that the health insurance exchanges will provide the answer.  So far, the buzz of the new healthcare law is not as popular as it once was --- the uncertainty and ongoing premium increases are causing much strife.

Health Exchanges

Health insurance exchanges are available in a variety of states that chose to implement them. We will list those states with exchanges here.

The New Health Law

The new healthcare law will require every citizen to have a health insurance policy in force. This includes everyone in your family or you will pay a penalty at tax time.

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29th Apr 2013

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