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Health Care in Canada

As observed by many experts, the quality of healthcare in Canada differs among the provinces comprising the country. This is most especially highlighted in the rural communities of the country, as many specialized medical functions are not available compared to the urban areas. This is due to the differentiated funding and policies of the provincial governments and this correlates directly ... Read More »

Information on the Canadian Healthcare System

Many Canadian employers offer fairly comprehensive benefits packages that include coverage for Prescription drugs, Dental and other services such as physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment though this is most often only up to 80% of the cost. As each Province has different rules for qualifying times to gain access for the free service ensure you thoroughly research your Province of choice ... Read More »

Why You Need Visitors Health Insurance

Whether you’re traveling to the United States in fulfillment of a lifelong dream or a regular traveler across the “pond,” you’ll want to be sure you’re protected by visitors health insurance. The US healthcare system is very complicated, very expensive and does not include universal coverage, particularly for foreigners. Buying visitors health insurance is inexpensive, gives you peace of mind ... Read More »

American Health Insurance Plans

American cost effect health insurance needs to be put on the forefront of necessities the government provides. A socialized health care system in America would be most beneficial to the millions who cannot get any medical coverage. Medical and pharmaceutical costs would be reduced to an affordable level. An American socialized health insurance plan run via the US Government would ... Read More »

Some Important Facts about Obama Care

Obama care has always had some great qualities and offerings to people living in the United States, but recently some parts of this system are being questioned. One of the very well known facts about Obama’s health care plan was we could be able to keep our current health insurance plans with our employers. It meant we didn’t need to ... Read More »